Making more time
for improved patient outcomes

Unexpected circumstances can leave practices and other facilities short-staffed, increasing workload and making documentation errors an inevitability.

When you hire Midwest Health Care to do your medical billing, we use a cross-department deployment strategy to ensure a smooth transition for you and your patients.

A service that protects your revenue stream

Inadequate medical billing training and dividing attention between medical billing and other essential responsibilities is an inefficient and costly approach, often increasing claims denials and decreasing customer satisfaction.

Our team will make sure all measures have been accomplished to collect on a claim. Some of highlights are:

  • Your Account Receivables are worked continuously
  • Knowledge and experience of the levels of appeal per payor, per state & appealing to the highest level.
  • Work closely with provider representatives who can assist in mass adjudication corrections to claims paid inappropriately or rejected erroneously.
  • When all other measures have failed, we know how to report to the States Insurance Commissioners, CMS or the Department of Labor.
  • Midwest Health Care is more than just a medical billing organization, we are consultants with a capable staff of expert consultants who troubleshoot and solve the complex problems you encounter.

The benefits of outsourcing

Outsourcing your medical billing responsibilities to a organization with extensive experience and a large, highly-trained staff helps your practice conserve precious time, increase cash flow and widen your long-term profit margin.

Our medical billing services reduce the stress associated with this meticulous and vital process, allowing your practice to focus on improving the health and wellness of your communities.

Paper Analytics for Billing
Cost versus Gains

Midwest Health Care medical billing services are an investment. While the cost of medical billing equals a small percentage of the money a practice collects, the increase in reimbursement is often greater than what your business will spend.

Medical Meeting Shaking Hands
We work for you

We are a service provider given the responsibility of billing, of securing funding for your practice —often the most tiresome and essential part of your business model. We stabilize your revenue cycle, giving you the solid footing for growth and a platform to provide the care your communities need.

Outsourcing your medical billing to Midwest Health Care allows your business to stay ahead of industry changes, track monitoring and make data-driven adjustments in real time.